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Government Of Assam Handloom Textiles & Sericulture


  • Marketing through Cocoon Bank

    Sericulture in the non - traditional and some of the northern states is not as developed as in traditional states in terms of silk production, productivity and number of crops per year. Majority of the non - traditional sericulture states have two commercial crops per year. This situation compels the reeling units/ reelers of the above states to procure raw material and store them for at least six months, to be used during the off season.

    In order to help the reelers / reeling units of the states and make available the raw material throughout the year, it were established Cocoon Bank at Udalguri, Kamrup and North Lakhimpur during the XI Plan period.

    Price of Eri cut cocoon

    The floor prices for purchasing of cocoon fixed by Advisory Committee of cocoon bank.

    Benefited from the cocoon Bank

    Cocoon Growers

    The farmers of all districts of Assam and neighboring state of Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh will be benefited from the cocoon bank.


    The spinners of Rampur, Bijaynagar, Palashbari, Chaygaon Dhupdhara are taken the Eri cut cocoon from the cocoon bank to spin with traditional device Takli as well as modern spinning wheel and sale in the local market Bijaynagar Market.

    Spinning Mill

    The local spinning mills i.e. Mini Spun Mill at Dimalgaon, Kokrajhar, Fabric Plus Pvt. Ltd. Chatabari Kamrup consumes the lion share of the cocoon from the Cocoon Bank.


    To collectivize the small scale production at individual level through collective action in form of SHGs and set up of cocoon collection centre at each village and collect the cocoon through Sericulture Demonstrator and Facilitator.