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Entrepreneurship Development Programme

  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme



    To motivate, inspire and build capacity for establishment of an enterprise, manage and sustain the unit successfully by beneficiary. As per operational guideline approved by Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India PMEGP beneficiary has to undergo two weeks (10 Days) & six days ( the project cost up to Rs 5.00 lakhs) Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) before release of sanctioned loan to beneficiaries.


    To impart knowledge on the concept of entrepreneurship, its challenges and prospects.

    To develop entrepreneurial on the concept of entrepreneurship, its motivation, risk taking ability, confidence, goal setting ability of the potential entrepreneurs.

    To impart knowledge on procedure and formalities of setting of an enterprise /business.

    To develop skills on management of a unit / business establishment including financial and marketing.

    To impart knowledge on identification of business opportunities and preparation of business plan.


    For manufacturing/service sector projects up to and inclusive of Rs.5.00 lakhs project cost, EDP duration is 6 working days is mandatory.

    For manufacturing/service sector projects with project cost of more than Rs.5.00 lakhs, the EDP duration of 10 working days is mandatory.


    Beneficiaries of PMEGP scheme whose projects have been sanctioned by banks and the first installment have not been released. The training programme is mandatory for release of first installment of loan under PMEGP scheme.


    Departmental Training Centers of KVIC and KVIBs. Central & State Govt. training centers and Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI) & Rural Development Self Employment Training Institute (RUDSETI).


    PMEGP is the flagship programme of KVIC with main objective to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed masses through setting up of micro enterprises in the country. The scheme is implemented by KVIC & KVIBs in rural areas and DICs in the rural as well as urban areas. KVIC is functioning as single national level nodal agency of Ministry of MSME to monitor PMEGP scheme. As per the operational guidelines of PMEGP scheme Entrepreneur Development Programme (EDP) is made mandatory before disbursement of 1st installment to the prospective beneficiaries in setting up their units. At present EDP training is conducted by KVIC through its training centers, accredited training centers, state Government organizations/institutions etc.

    To bring in quality in EDP training programmes, historical step is taken by KVIC to tie up with Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI) & Rural Development Self Employment Training Institute (RUDSETI) under the aegis of Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India having the network throughout the country having 582 training centers. These training centers network can be utilized for the purpose of imparting EDP.

    RSETI & RUDSETI will take the initiative in providing hand holding support to the beneficiaries for the period of 3 years from the date of training which mainly include project formation, guidance etc. till the bank loan sanction. Viable and bankable projects may come up by this way once the candidate approaches to RSETI & RUDSETI. It has been decided that EDP training which is conducted by RSETI & RUDSETI will be monitored by separate cell set up at the level of RSETI & RUDSETI knows as Monitoring Cell of RSETI & RUDSETI headed by project co-ordinator.


    Course content of EDP training will be prepared by National Academy of RUDSETI (NAR).

    EDP trainees will have to appear for a test to be administered by RSETI.

    Trainees have to clear the test to become eligible to receive the EDP training programme.

    EDP certificate will jointly signed by Director for RSETI & RUDSETI and State Director, KVIC or his representative.

    Existing Skill Development Training programmes available at RSETI & RUDSETI will be linked up with PMEGP scheme from the beginning of project formation to sanction of bank loan.


    RUDSETI/RSETI will offer hand holding services to the trainees for a period of up to 3 (three) years. This is to address teething problems, sanction of loan and to ensure that the units are properly grounded.


    EDP by RSETIs/RUDSETIs will be conducted within a period of 3-4 weeks from date of receipt of applications from KVIC/KVIB/DICC.