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Government Of Assam Handloom Textiles & Sericulture

Functions & Objectives


  1. Approved of development schemes
  2. Execution of Administrative and Regulatory provisions for improvement of Sericulture and Handloom sector
  3. Support to graineures, reelers, spiners, weavers etc. for quality up-gradation and product diversification
  4. Welfare support to the graineures, reelers, spiners, weavers and other stakeholders
  5. Infrastructure Development
  6. Publicity & Marketing
  7. Dissemination of latest technology and training for increased production.
  8. Establishment of Cocoon Banks/Yarn Banks for both cotton and silk yarn.


  1. Implementation of different Central and State sectoral schemes for development of Sericulture and Handloom industries in the State alongwith improvement of financial status of the graineures, reelers, spiners, weavers etc.
  2. To formulate appropriate policies and schemes to increase productivity quality and quantatively.
  3. Execution of administrative and regulatory provision for improvement of the Sericulture and Handloom sector in the State.