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Government Of Assam Handloom Textiles & Sericulture

Seri Polyclinic


In 1868 Pasteur saved the French silk industry. Silk businesses were facing ruin because of mysterious diseases that attacked the silkworm. Pasteur worked out a way detecting the disease and preventing it from spreading. The mulberry crop completely was damaged in south India during 1995 due to pebrine. Muga also badly affected by pebrine in Tura area of Meghalaya.

Seri-polyclinic started during 2008 in South India. In North east Seri policlinic stared during the year 2013-14 in Manipur. Presently, it started in Jorhat and Darrang district of Assam. Pebrine disease can be control with collaboration with CSB, DOS and other NGO/SHGs.

Importance of seri- polyclinic

Management of silkworm disease

Explore the anti bacterial protein to prevent the disease

Diagnosing the disease properly

Monitoring the disease area


Use of musk

Spray anti direction of wind

Keep the medicine in dry and safety places.